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The internet was right...

Dear Strangers,

As it turns out I am so thoroghly invisible online and in real life this has actually become very therapeutic for me. Writing this blog as whiny and pissy as I sound in every entry actually makes me feel a ton better when I do it. The best part is that I haven't even aroused the attention of the internet trolls yet. It is a beautiful thing to be able to just right shit out and not have anyone bitch at me for expressing my feelings. My deeply agonizing crippling feels...I still have no friends if you couldn't tell.
 I am still a pretty crappy person too i guess. My Bae as the kids these days say does not think i am a nice person, still loves me they say but I am not nice according to them. I honestly can't blame them for thinking like this, I'm the kinda asshole who leaves 1 dollar tips at restaurants because I don't want to break a twenty. I will not lend anyone my car, and I am entirely uninterested in forcing myself to converse with Bae's fr…

A flaw in how society works

I think I finally realized why I hate existance so much. Its the perpetual monotony of it all. We wake up everyday go to work, exercise, eat and sleep.

Everyday. the. same. thing.

It just repeats over and over and when we finally and free of this vicious cycle we are old amd gray and less able to go see what's out there in the world. I struggle to find joy in that concept.  I don't want a 30 year mortgage to carry on my degenerating shoulders, I don't want a giant mansion with a maid and lawn service I have to pay thru the nose just to be able to handle chores. I am not even someone who want to be a farmer and run out to the countryside and buy land to live off of. I just want a healthy balance, to not be terribly deep in the mundane crap heap of corporate america. You have to tell me friend(I'm calling you that now since I have none irl), do you really want to slave away your whole life for what basically amounts to paying for your headstone while your rugrats fight …