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I can't believe I'm actually making progress...

Hi Stranger,

I am actually very surprised with myself, this last week I set a bunch of goals for myself to do some things that might make my life better. I wasn't so sure that I'd get to them since I'm very flakey with my resolve and I sure as hell didn't share my list with anyone I actually know. They just tend to be too motivated and stress me out when I tell them I have some ambition so its better not to let them know when I want to make a life change. But anyway, to my surprise I actually got off my ass and scheduled my dermatologist visit to remove some moles, gave my hair a trim AND I applied for some new jobs. I feel like I'm being productive at the moment which almost makes me happy-ish. Don't get me wrong though, I don't think this is the end all to my problems with life, just a surprisingly good start to some really important fixes I need to make.  My boss quit today too, so I guess I won't have a giant pain in my butt yelling at me for a small amount of time before they replace him. Its really hard to believe how hard it is to find a new job with fibromyalgia. I can only hope for the best, but I have this impending sense that something is not going to work out for whatever reason. I think I'll start trying to find something for my memory problems tomorrow, with any luck maybe they'll work. I'd ask my doctors, but sadly they are sort of useless to me for anything other then bloodwork and xrays. If you may be reading this don't get mad if your a doctor. Mine have no clue how to fix my problems, they have given me medicines countless times which send me to the ER, plain don't work, or both. I don't blame them, but I feel its justifiable that I am wary of there suggestions and prescriptions.